About Horrible Vacuum

Art Luman and Mark Gunk were just two buddies with lofty dreams and no money. “We’re up to our necks in screenplays!” Art said one fine morning, and Mark was quick to agree. “Aye, but we don’t have the capital cash to film them into hit movies!” The two college pals continued to sit on that burger place patio in deep thought. “What if we WROTE the screenplays!” declared, Art. “Howzat?” said Mark, raising his glass of Sprite to his forehead. “We can turn the screenplays into writing! Instead of visuals and shots with a camera, they will be words! We can call them: WORDMOVIES!” Mark jumped up, spilling his onion rings nearly everywhere. “Brilliant! And then the people can read them and they will be so, so much cheaper to produce than the feature-length films of our ambition!” And with that the two shook hands to meet again at this very burger patio in one year’s time and form the company you see before you today, Horrible Vacuum International.

Horrible Vacuum International has since grown into the World’s largest producer and distributor of digital wordmovies – an international powerhouse. Working with exciting young and aspiring wordmovie directors, and of course, many offerings from the original masters, Art and Mark themselves, they have created and continue to do the most thrilling offering of titles the World has ever known.


Interview with the BBC