Direct Wordmovies for HVAC

Dream of directing your own wordmovies but lack skill and talent? Head filled with ideas that are doing you harm? Don’t worry about it! Start your thrilling new career today directing wordmovies for Horrible Vaccum!

Send a postmarked e-mail to with “Ooh Movie Idea!” in the subject. Give us your pitch(es) with your Horrible Word-Movie Title (which likely involves a pun) followed by a short and idiotic couple sentence synopsis of what you think might happen in it. Horrible Vacuum will respond to you with some helpful encouragement, crushing rejection, or, if your idea is bad enough, a greenlight to go into production directing* your very own word-movie and the opportunity to share in 40% of its gross profits – that’s right, potentially dozens of dollars are awaiting you right now! Get started tonight in your new career directing word-movies for Horrible Vacuum International!

*by “directing” it is understood that we mean write a 6 – 30 page eBook