An enticing passage from Upholstergeist...

“Finders keepers!” Dwane grinned at Dawne as he tried to give her a high five, but missed. It wasn’t the first time.

The boyfriend and new girlfriend grabbed each end of the soggy antique couch and carried it through the waist-high weeds and brambles, down the embankment and snugged it up against the back wall of the bridge out of sight of the road. They were sneaky-careful to straighten up the bent over weeds so as to hide their efforts. They checked their work, hopped back into the tiny car out of the rain, attempted and failed another high five, and were off to borrow a pickup truck or something.

To their great sorrow, there were no borrowable pickups since they were all at the second annual Salem “Show me Your’s and I’ll Show You Mine” Pickup Festival being held at the Salem County Fairgrounds. Dwane needed a fallback Plan B if they were ever going get their couch to their room and put it to good couch-use. Dwane then remembered he could get what he needed from his buddy Gus, the manager at Big Box Hardware Store. That something he needed, he figured, was one of those green four-wheel drive things that toddlers drive, run into trees, and fall off of all the time on YouTube. Gus always was helpful and suggested a pull-behind flatbed to hook behind the little tractor just about long enough to carry a wet antique fainting couch.

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