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A deep, futuristic but also human voice bellowed from the other cyber–floor of Shonmar-Z’s futuristic home. “Shonmar–Z! This is your elder male, I have your food portions prepared for eating! You have to be at the daily learning academy shortly! Keylars are a wastin’ my biological son!” Shonmar–Z’s father Shakeel O Needle was touching the breakfast buttons in their stylish futuristic kitchen, and toast and space eggs formed in seconds, rising up from the tabletop. Shakeel read the digital news that appeared on the cyber screen in his cyber home over cyber breakfast.

“AmeriCanada is truly embattled! What a civil war this world is turmoiling in, and my heroic son Shonmar–Z is fighting hard to help our side to win! The civil side in this war!” Just then Shonmar–Z slid down the ramp that used to be stairs in the past but now were ramps and into the kitchen.

“You sure are right bio-dad; this is some war! I shot down many space enemies just last night while fighting after school. All hands are on deck to help us win this war! I’ll be late coming home tonight, fighting more bad men, after I blast my homework with my laser beams of learning!” He ate hungrily, as kids do. Some things never change!

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Art Luman, Garf Marven, George G. G. George, Mark Gunk, Nat Doiley, Steef Lawman, You?


NC-17, R, PG-13, PG, G,
Resistance is Feudal