An enticing passage from The Best Thing Since sliced Brad...


Angela shook Brad by the shoulders until his gleaming eyeballs revealed themselves again. Brad’s body lay on the sidewalk, his head throbbing from a mighty whomp between it and that sidewalk from before.

Angela continued, “Brad? Are you ok? You just…I think you blacked out!” She knelt down, looking into his face. “Look, if you’re ok, I should really be going. Be careful though and maybe a doctor could be the kind of thing you talk to next. Byeeee!” With that, Angela skipped down the sidewalk, off into the distance.

Brad was confused! Bit by bit, it returned to him – he had been walking…! Yes, that was it! A walk, ah–ha! He had seen Angela, a human female full of attraction, and he tried to ask her a question that would eventually result in a sexual act! Evidently, all he got out was his name, and then had passed out from stress in mid–ask. What a goof!

“Brad, you ole’ salty thorn of a snot nose ding dong piece of hoo–hah, you,” he scolded himself, talking quietly, but also aloud. “Double dang, I can’t handle talking to a babe in real life; I’m…I’m just no good at this!” He sat up, rubbing his head like a disc junky, feeling the pain, and breathing out some pain. He then inhaled some air. He was truly alive!

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The Best Thing Since sliced Brad