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“Even Laron had to admit, having a dad who worked at a toy factory was pretty excellent - he would often bring home special toys from the toy factory for Laron to have or play with. Cars, trucks, smaller cars – all super exciting toys, but Laron loved action figures most of all. He would spend hours concocting glorious scenes with his “playmen” as he called them. Sometimes Laron’s dad would join in the playing and they would stage all sorts of things. It filled Laron’s dad with a sense of pride that he could make things that could bring so much joy to his imaginative son.

“Okay! Ok now I really gotta run – or should I say drive! Bye again sweets.” He gave his wife a quick kiss on the cheek and was out the door just like every Monday through Friday morning.

That night, after working at the toy factory where he worked, Laron’s Dad presented Laron with one of the factory’s newest toys; it was a mad scientist with a giant brain that would spray goo if you squeezed his jetpack. Laron’s dad made Laron laugh by pretending the goo was mucus coming out of his nose after a sneeze. The adult man and his son stayed up playing with Laron’s playmen long into the night.

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Father Figure
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