An enticing passage from Fall Wall...

So even with all the unknown fear everywhere, Hobb made his decision to go throw that stuff away. He’d throw it away, and go back in and tell Tim and make a fist at Walter and then soon enough everything from the time where stuff was hard to throw away would be a bad dream. He wanted that day to be today so bad he could taste it. He started throwing the stuff in the trash, starting at the front and then continuing around the other side where he would be getting closer to the dirty concrete wall.

Whhoooooossshhh came the bald man with sunglasses who Hobb nearly forgot existed in all these days of his dull life since the exciting Athletic Standing contest he had been in.


Hobb froze deeply. As much as he loved seeing his “subconscious standing controller,” it confused him deeply. Here he was in some dirty old place behind the store where he worked, just trying to throw a bunch of stuff away. This didn’t seem like any kind of time where a cool guy like this would show up, but now he had some urgent instructions for Hobb and Hobb was worried. It seemed fairly clear that there was some supernatural force out here behind the store which seemed to be prompting and challenging his Athletic Standing skill.


The floating head of a bald man with sunglasses had begun to bob and shake its head, kind of in a rock-and-roll listening style, but the face had remained worried.


Hobb yelled, “Why does this stuff always happen to me!!”

Suddenly he knew that wall was gonna get him. He got all tense and started doing Athletic Standing.

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NC-17, R, PG-13, PG, G,
Fall Wall
With This Ring, I Thee Dead
Swap Meat
The Magic Die
Wishing Hell
T-Shirt of the Wearwolf
Continental Drift
Federal Offense