HVAC Halloween Horrors 2016

2016 HVAC Halloween Horrors


Packed Contents!

Hello again Brads and Julies! Halloween is here once again and Horrible Vacuum is back with another awful offering of freaky frights! Two terrifying new titles for only the price of one and a half! Don’t lose your heads!

WISHING HELL by the mortified Mark Gunk about a family that digs up a little more that they bargained for while digging a new well for them to have water from. Well, well, well . . .


THE MAGIC DIE! A true terror by the drooling occultist, Art Luman which recounts the time humanity nearly lost itself in the . . . death-dimension; gazing a little too deeply at a wild new form of art.

Get these tricks and words into your baddie-bag just in time to spook your parents half to death! Or maybe . . . FULL TO DEATH!

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