HVAC Halloween Horrors 2015

2015 HVAC Halloween Horrors


Packed Contents!

TWO BRAND-FRANKEN-NEW horrible titles from Horrible Vacuum International for your spooky Hallowe’en reading! Only $1.25! What a fright! Please leave, you’re scaring me!

You’ll get:

The spine-thrilling and leftover-chilling UPHOLSTERGEIST by Steef Lawman – A young couple, one of which is British, find an old sofa on the side of the road, but is anything in this life truly without a price? Finders keepers!

and the blood-boilingly bonkers, The Best Thing Since Sliced Brad by Mark Gunk – Brad Chezroy, a freshman at the prestigious Taco University, has it all! Except the skills to get into a fraternity, or score with an attractive woman! With a party on the horizon, Brad concocts a plan that will change his life – and his death! – forever! It seems like revenge is a dish best served…with a knife!

Two of the freshest and worst word-movies this side of the grave for the price of two – on sale! Or one that you paid too much for! Your choice!

Happy Hallowe’en males and females!

Only from Horrible Vacuum International – It Could Always Be Worse!

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