Continental Drift
Released: August, 2015
approx. 17 pages | Rated PG-13
Genre(s): action, geology, sports

Continental Drift

directed by Nat Doiley


Numbing Description!

An island volcano is set to BLOW and time is of the essence for a cracker-jack team of drift-racing vulcanologists. Will their skills for speed be quick enough to stop the mighty blast and prevent another of the Earth's senseless tragedies? I don't know . . . yet!
Released: August, 2015
approx. 17 pages | Rated: PG-13
action, geology, sports

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Thrilling Excerpt!

"The tension in the truck was as thick as lava as they pondered their fiery mortality. “Listen, Rock. You’ve got to be crazy,” said Vulcan his forehead heavily creased in desperation. “This baby is going to blow and the last time a team of drift-car racing geologists tried to halt a plate shift, a massive tsunami killed millions. There’s just no way we can pull this off. You know the story and you know it just can’t be done.” ...

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