Father Figure
Released: May, 2015
approx. 13 pages | Rated PG
Genre(s): dads, family, inspiration, kids

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Father Figure

directed by Art Luman


Numbing Description!

A young boy's father is killed in a horrible accident at the toy factory where he works. The boy is very sad until one day he finds a magic action figure . . . of his dead dad! Now it's all laughs and goofs as son and pint-sized pop navigate tough and silly coming-of-age situations. Was it in him all along?
Released: May, 2015
approx. 13 pages | Rated: PG
dads, family, inspiration, kids

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“Okay! Ok now I really gotta run – or should I say drive! Bye again sweets.” He gave his wife a quick kiss on the cheek and was out the door just like every Monday through Friday morning ...

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