Federal Offense
Released: June, 2015
approx. 14 pages | Rated PG-13
Genre(s): action, sports

Federal Offense

directed by Art Luman


Numbing Description!

Kooky terrorists have planted a bomb in the Stanley Cup - the highest award in the sport of hockey! Now it's up to a crackerjack hockey team of federal agents to diffuse the terrorists' explosive ambitions and save the day. Intense hockey-like action!
Released: June, 2015
approx. 14 pages | Rated: PG-13
action, sports

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Bogus MacGernehey sat on the deck of his yellow houseboat watching the dolphins play in the waves. He marveled at their wet, torpedo-like bodies as they cut through the water like wet torpedoes and commented out loud that they seemed so knowing, intelligent, compassionate, and wise. Just as he was about to pen his thoughts in his notebook, his cordless phone rang. “Bleeen bleeen!” It went. “Oh great! Just when I was about to write some more of my thoughts about dolphins, truly amazing creatures that they are, my phone rings.” He straightened himself up and he answered the phone, all business. “Hello. This is Bogus.” ...

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