Hungry Hungry Hippies
Released: February, 2016
approx. 12 pages | Rated R
Genre(s): cannibals, hippies, horror

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Hungry Hungry Hippies

directed by Mark Gunk


Numbing Description!

Grow a dreadlock and put a mighty drug in your breathing hole – You'll need it to hang with these freakers! Five burnout hippies take a little too many drugs, and the results are HUNGRY! Get read for a fast–paced psychedelic thrill–ride with an ending you won't soon forget, square!
Released: February, 2016
approx. 12 pages | Rated: R
cannibals, hippies, horror

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Thrilling Excerpt!

The four sat lazily on an under–stuffed couch in a damp basement room, moist concrete walling them in on all sides. Heaps of boxes, piled high in the corner, hosted a wide array of molding clothes, blankets, and fabrics; most stolen from a nearby thrift store during one of their many drug–addled freakouts. A dim bulb hummed from within a gaudy turquoise lamp, cigarette burns dotting the shade. There was a closed wooden door facing them offering the pitter–patter of a gentle rain popping against the other side. A puddle had formed beneath the doorjamb. ...

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