T-Shirt of the Wearwolf
Released: November, 2015
approx. 15 pages | Rated PG-13
Genre(s): clothes, horror, monsters

T-Shirt of the Wearwolf

directed by Art Luman


Numbing Description!

Dunkey Digs had the worst t-shirt at his junior high-school until one day he finds a different one! Will his new t-shirt get him the fame and babes, or just more problems and possibly death?
Released: November, 2015
approx. 15 pages | Rated: PG-13
clothes, horror, monsters

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Thrilling Excerpt!

Dunkey burst through the front doors of his junior high-school with a swagger in his step and a thinking-about-his-new-wolf-shirt gleam in his eye. Babes turned their heads to look and dudes also, but to look with jealousy. Strutting, Dunkey came upon his best friend Tay-Bozz who glanced quickly around and then shouted, “Slam-Dunkey! My man! What’s that, a wolf? Haha AH-OOOOOO! Lookin fly like I don’t know why! But yeah I do, because it’s that shirt and that’s a true!” He said, rhyming. ... [READ MORE]

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