Released: October, 2015
approx. 12 pages | Rated PG-13
Genre(s): ghosts, horror

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directed by Steef Lawman


Numbing Description!

A young couple, one of which is British, find an old sofa on the side of the road, but is anything in this life truly without a price? Finders keepers!
Released: October, 2015
approx. 12 pages | Rated: PG-13
ghosts, horror

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Thrilling Excerpt!

The boyfriend and new girlfriend grabbed each end of the soggy antique couch and carried it through the waist-high weeds and brambles, down the embankment and snugged it up against the back wall of the bridge out of sight of the road. They were sneaky-careful to straighten up the bent over weeds so as to hide their efforts. They checked their work, hopped back into the tiny car out of the rain, attempted and failed another high five, and were off to borrow a pickup truck or something. ...

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