Wishing Hell
Released: October, 2016
approx. 17 pages | Rated PG-13
Genre(s): ghosts, halloweeen, horror

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2016 HVAC Halloween Horrors

Wishing Hell

directed by Mark Gunk


Numbing Description!

When a loving family in a new home decides to need some water, a well is dug. But sometimes the things you reveal from digging are the things that should remain...buried!
Released: October, 2016
approx. 17 pages | Rated: PG-13
ghosts, halloweeen, horror

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Thrilling Excerpt!

Juicay and Flunky had taken a short break while down in the hole they had dug. It was nearly eight feet deep at this point, and they felt proud; among all other emotions. “We’ve gotta be close to hitting water, I can just tell!” Flu said, her smile wide for the first time this trip. “Like, wouldn’t it be cool if I just pushed real hard on the shovel now…and…” She drove her steel wedge deep and returned a sharp, PING noise. Why, she’d hit something! More metallic than a rock, and more solid than a water! ...

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