ZIkki Zikki Chango
Released: May, 2015
approx. 12 pages | Rated R
Genre(s): adventure, cannibals

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Zikki Zikki Chango

directed by Mark Gunk


Numbing Description!

Treasure hunter Rang Crudrock recounts a tale filled with adventure, spills, and plenty of thrills! He heads off into the jungle in search of the unknown, but finds much more than that. Too much!
Released: May, 2015
approx. 12 pages | Rated: R
adventure, cannibals

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Thrilling Excerpt!

“But lo, a rude awakening awaited a guy like me, Rang Crudrock, for as I slept, a storm of the rudest grey was building…waiting! A shake I could sleep through; maybe even a shimmy shimmy – but this cloudburst yelled like a soldier aflame and kissed my little plane with a lightning tongue and thunder lips! My eyes opened just in time to surf the tidal wave of broken glass, throwing shards of my cockpit allover me like a cupped cake! Happy Birthday? No, it was not! ...

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